What is AS 9100?

What is AS 9100

What is AS 9100?

What is AS 9100

If you are concerned about what standards are being used by the aerospace industry for its quality assurance, then you should read this article! AS 9100 is published by the International Aerospace Quality Group, or commonly referred to as the IAQG, which has for its basis the implementation of a Quality Management System based on the published ISO 9001 by the International Organization for Standardization.

Hence, AS 9100 also incorporates the requirements of ISO 9001, however, this has more specific requirements that are only relevant to the defense, space, and aviation organizations. Since AS 9100 has ISO 9001 as its basis for its requirements, it is first better to focus on what ISO 9001 is. This international quality standard is the best-known standard that is released by the ISO to promulgate specific sets of standards, procedures, requirements, documentation, rules, regulations, and processes that use a quality management system as its tool.

Since all organizations from various industries are required to deliver trusted quality products and services, the adoption of ISO 9001 and its quality management system to various industries has led said standard to its prominence. Despite the effectiveness of said quality management standards to varying nature of businesses among organizations, there are certain industries that have specialized business processes which resulted in the need to provide quality management standards to specific, complex, and specialized processes.

This resulted in the publication of specialized assurance standards such as AS 9100.

What does AS 9100 do?

AS 9100, as stated above, implements the use of ISO 9001’s quality management system which sets an established framework, guidelines, rules, regulations, processes, and procedures that are specific only to space, aviation, and defense organizations. This standard focuses on processes that are related to the aerospace industry on a global scale. Researchers and developers of this standard come from different countries across the globe.

The main difference between the two standards is that ISO 9001 applies to various industries which is also an internationally accepted standard. AS 9100 is specifically modified by the International Aerospace Quality Group and is also recognized as an international standard that is used only by the aerospace industry. Thus, it applied the entirety of ISO 9001’s requirements for Quality Management System with appended provisions for those modifications that are relevant to the aerospace industry.

Thus, AS 9100 should not be confused as being a standard published by the International Organization for Standardization since AS 9100 only took ISO 9001 as its basis on the quality management system for the aerospace industry. This standard was first published in 1999 which was also based on ISO 9001:1994 until it became AS 9100D Rev D which is based on the updated ISO 9001:2015.

What are the Benefits of AS 9100?

There are truly a lot of benefits that the aerospace industry has derived from the evolution of ISO 9001 to AS 9100. In this section, we have listed some benefits that the industry has derived from this standard:

  • Reduced operating and overhead costs
  • Increased business credibility and reputation
  • Empowered workforce
  • Globally recognized as a credible supplier of related aerospace products and services
  • Better relationship with its stakeholders
  • Improved customer confidence, satisfaction, and expectation

Congratulations! By reaching the end of this article, we are sure that you learned a lot about AS 9100 from its background and history up to its overview. Now you will know what AS 9100 means the next time you encounter one!